OSpeedy SD Card Recovery increases the odds of recovering files by not only recovering deleted files but also undelete data from damaged disks, formatted disks, memory cards or storage devices.
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Jean  2015-03-17 07:05:59
I got all my lost pictures back by using OSpeedy SD Card Recovery. It is quite amazing that all the process only took a few minutes. I’ll keep this software and by far it did help me and my family a lot.
Edward  2015-03-17 07:06:34
I recovered lost files with the help of OSpeedy SD Card Recovery which helped my sister get her pictures back last year. I have to say, her recommendation is really awesome!
Roger Cole  2015-03-17 07:06:53
Thank you for being there when technical support is needed by your clients.
Eugene R.  2015-03-17 07:07:09
A few days ago, my SD card is infected by virus and I can’t access to it. Then I have to format it. But I found all the photos were missing. Just tried this tool, get my deleted photos back. It is rewarding!
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